Denon DJ Launches New Version Of Its Engine Software

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 5 April, 2018

Denon DJ just released a new version of its Engine library management software, which lets you load songs onto the MCX8000 controller for performance without a laptop.

Denon DJ just announced a hefty update of its Engine app. Now at version 1.5, the DJ library management platform has had a huge visual overhaul, and adds support for the company’s just-launched MCX8000 controller, letting you use it as a standalone DJ system without the need for a computer.

Coloured waveforms are now displayed in the software, and you also get the ability to import hot cue points with tracks that come from your Serato DJ library. Owners of the Denon DJ SC2900 and SC3900 media players who have endured using an increasingly outdated previous version of the software should be pleased to see the upgrade, which Denon DJ has confirmed works with their devices.

As a library management app, Engine is currently more like Pioneer’s standard Rekordbox than a full-blown DJ app such as Traktor, Serato DJ, Virtual DJ, or – indeed – Rekordbox DJ. However, this new version is exciting because of how it powers the company’s promising new controller, the MCX8000, and we particularly like the versatility of being able to import tracks from your Serato DJ library onto Engine for laptop-free performances.

Time will tell if Engine catches on with users though, and we could only guess that future Denon DJ controllers and media players will work very closely with Engine, the way that Rekordbox and Rekordbox DJ do for Pioneer DJ gear. You wouldn’t bet against it becoming a full-blown DJ app like the others, either… would you?

• Engine 1.5 is now available. Visit the Denon DJ website for more details.

What do you think of this software? Does it make you want to get an MCX8000? Or would you rather stick with whatever music library management app you’re using? Let us know below.

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