Denon Ups Its Assault On The DJ Box With The SC2900 Player

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 26 November, 2017

Denon DJ SC-2900 scratching
The Denon DJ SC2900 appears to offer all the benefits of the company’s flagship SC3900 model, but with static platters.

Hot on the heels of its well-received SC3900 model, Denon today revealed a new digital controller and media player, the SC2900, via a pre-launch YouTube video.

Although there is no official work on pricing or specifications yet, the video is revealing enough for the lid to be blown on what looks like an interesting new entry in the mid-range media player market. In short, the player seems to be the SC3900 but without the motorised platter, replaced with a more standard large-form static platter of the type that will be familiar to anyone who’s used conventional DJ CD decks such as the Pioneer models.

Like the SC3900, the Denon DJ SC2900 can be used as a Midi controller (it’s shown with Traktor in the video, which it supports natively), to play music from USB (including with a network link between players), or of course from CD. Expect it to also play nicely with Denon’s Engine software (the company’s Rekordbox equivalent) and thus with the wireless iPad version of that software too, which is in fact shown in the video.

Indeed, having looked closely at the video and having compared the controls on the SC2900 with the SC3900, I can pretty confidently say that this will be able to do everything the SC3900 does, just minus that real vinyl / motorised platter section. As such, this player would likely appeal more to the European market, where similar players from Pioneer are standard in DJ boxes everywhere.

Denon DJ SC-2900
Like with the SC3900, it appears that it will be possible to use your iPad wirelessly to access your music library while using the SC2900.

Two functions worth noting that were highlighted by the video are a torque adjust control, to allow you to set up the static platter to suit your style of playing, and slip mode, allowing the track to continue playing underneath as you scratch.

Of course we haven’t got the full spec or had chance to properly play with a pair of these yet, but two thoughts spring immediately to mind: Firstly, for digital DJs who want a home set-up that means they can use DJ software but also practise CDJ-style DJing in order to become proficient at both disciplines, these could make a lot of sense as they appear to offer the “best of both worlds”.

Secondly, with the flagship SC3900s (which we’re reviewing at the moment and really like, by the way) at only US$999 each, presumably these are going to come in at well under that – and that means some stiff competition for Pioneer’s CDJ players.

We await the official launch, full specs and a pair to review. Watch this space (and meanwhile, watch this video…)


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Are you glad Denon seems to be offering some competition to the acknowledged DJ booth leaders, Pioneer? From what you’ve seen, what do you think of Engine, Denon’s software? Can you see yourself bagging a pair of these as your “all-round” decks, for digital and analogue use? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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