Digital DJ Tips & James Hype Join Forces For New Mixing Training

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Last updated 11 March, 2022


Digital DJ Tips is pleased to announce that it has joined forces with globally acclaimed UK DJ/producer James Hype.

Together, we have designed and made a pro mixing training course to show and teach any DJ how to perform the signature tricks, techniques and transitions that James Hype has become known for worldwide.

Who is James Hype?

If you haven’t see the kind of thing James does behind the decks, watching just the first minute or so of this performance video (2.8 million views and counting) will be enough to educate you:

James plays his DJ set-up like it were a musical instrument, using high-energy mixing techniques to keep his crowds screaming for more, even while playing at times some pretty underground music!

Things like his innovative use of acapellas, the way he plays across four decks, and his trademark skill in “extending” breakdowns across full club sets make him a unique DJ today.

This is a big announcement for us, because James has been a target for us to work with for the past three years, and we finally got the chance to spend serious time with him this summer, to plan the kind of training we wanted to make together.

And the exciting news is that the results of that work are nearly ready to share with the world!

For his part, James says: “So many people ask me how to learn my tricks, and there are loads of dodgy videos online of people trying to teach what I do. So I thought it was time to teach it properly!

“Working with Digital DJ Tips really allowed me to make the best visual teaching course I could, and I’m truly excited to share what we’ve made together with my fans. I’m gassed to be able to teach what I do trick by trick and to show you my version of real DJing!”

• James Hype’s Mixing Skills is now available! Click here to learn more about the course.

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