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Last updated 2 December, 2017


Germany Love Parade Memorial
Remembering the dead from the Love Parade disaster.

The most shocking new from the web this month was the tragedy in Duisberg, Germany, at what has now been decided will be the last ever Love Parade festival.

For those who don’t know, the Love Parade started as a dance music-led street carnival in Berlin around the time of German reunification and has been running ever since, lately moving around the country. However, a crowd crush left multiple dead and injured in a tunnel this year, and among the recriminations and finger-pointing was the announcement that the Love Parade would never be held again.

Stampede at German Love Parade festival kills 19 (From BBC News)

Ibeefa nostalgia

Around the same time as the Love Parade started, Ibiza went from a sleepy hippy island to a Mediterranean raving destination for millions. We picked up on a YouTube post of celebrated UK DJ Sasha talking about his very first time in Ibiza. As a Northern lad myself and unfortunately old enough to also remember that time well, I found it raised a smile. Here it is:

Wide of the Numark?

Lots of blogs picked up on a supposed new Numark iPad DJ controller. It all looked very nice; basically it was two jogwheels with a huge gap in the middle to slot an iPad. Was it for real or was it an over-imaginative student’s PhotoShop mockup of a product Numark had no intention of manufacturing?

When is a Numark not a Numark? iPad rumours – true or not? (From Skratchworx)

Setting the pace

Finally, over at the excellent DJTechTools site, among the mad mods and technical delights they found time to look at how a DJ should programme their music throughout the night. The article raised the usual high standard of debate among the commenters. Go and see the theory (and join in if you want) here:

The Time Line of a Dancefloor (from DJTechTools)

Got any comments on any of the stories above? Let us know below.

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