Course introduction

Go from complete beginner to playing your very first DJ set on the Pioneer DDJ-SB2 with Serato software with this taster course.

You’ll find everything in here to get you set up, find out where to find great music, get the basics of mixing, and taking your first steps to DJing like the pros – it’s everything you need to rock your first party!

What you'll learn

  • Go from complete beginner to playing awesome DJ sets on your Pioneer DDJ-SB2, with over 1.5 hours of learning, delivered across 20 easy-to-follow HD on-demand video lessons
  • Step-by-step instruction on how to set up your gear, find and organise your music, perform your first mix, and beatmix like a pro, then move on to master loops, effects, performance pads, lighting features and more!
  • Take it anywhere, any time. The self-paced learning means you can buy now at this special launch price and follow along with the material over the coming weeks – or get going whenever you’re ready. It’s yours for life.
  • No frustrations, no complicated manuals, no hassle!

Full Course Details

Introduction / Setting Up

Here you’ll get familiar with your Pioneer DDJ-SB2, get the Serato DJ Lite software installed (don’t worry, it’s included with your equipment), and we’ll help you to get set up with the other items you’ll need to start DJing properly using your controller.

What’s covered:

  • A welcome to your new controller – a quick overview of what all the parts do and general intro
  • Downloading your software: Serato DJ Lite
  • Connecting up your new controller, headphones and speakers
  • Running Serato DJ Lite for the first time
  • How the DDJ-SB2 mirrors your software
Getting Your Music On

As a digital DJ, you not only need to know what tunes to have in your collection, but how to find, organise and prepare the music files. This module will get you to the point where you have a great and growing collection of tracks to DJ with.

What’s covered:

  • How to set up your music library
  • How to use iTunes to get your music organised
  • Sorting playlists in iTunes or Serato DJ lite
  • Where to source the hottest tunes

Here you’ll do your first mix, learning to line up (or “sync”) your beats and tempos, and to count bars of music (the BIG DJ secret). You’ll end the module by learning exactly where in tracks you should mix and where you should let the music just play on…

What’s covered:

  • Rocking your first ever mix!
  • Using synch to match tempos of two songs
  • Counting beats: the DJ’s mix success secret
  • Mixing with intros and outros for a smoother blend

By the end of this module you’ll know the basics of manual beatmixing, which is the key to DJing on ANY equipment. You’ll also learn what the waveforms are for on your screen, how to use your own sounds in your DJing… AND how to light up the dancefloor!

What’s covered:

  • Using hot cues
  • Why looping is your best friend
  • Using EQs for a cleaner mix
  • Applying filters while DJing
  • Matching the tempos without synch
  • How the wave form works
  • Adding FX to your mix
  • Adding and triggering samples
  • Controlling four decks

Meet your tutor

Joey Santos DDJT Team

Manila-based Joey Santos is the Managing Editor of Digital DJ Tips. A DJ since 1999, he ran a successful recording studio for many years, and is a music producer and sound engineer too. He is the tutor for our Dance Music Formula and Music Production For DJs courses.

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