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Got Rekordbox? Want to know how to use it to its full potential for amazing DJ sets? Become a Rekordbox ninja and master this powerful software today.

Course introduction

If you don’t understand your DJ software inside out, you’re not only missing out on a lot of the fun of digital DJing, but you’re also setting yourself up for failure at gigs, when you’d be unable to cope should unexpected things start happening mid-performance. A thorough understanding of your DJ software, then, is not only desirable so you can enjoy your DJing more, but essential if you ever want to play out, especially if you’re planning on getting paid for DJing.

This is a complete video course, delivered online in full HD, viewable on your computer, smartphone or tablet, so you can learn anywhere. Brought to you by the expert team here at the world’s biggest online DJ training site, with “over the shoulder” screen recordings and detailed follow-alongs, it’s everything you need to master Rekordbox in one place. What’s more, pay once and it’s yours for life, so you can take it at your own speed and refer back to it whenever you want.

What you'll learn

  • How to get all of your music into Rekordbox, whether that’s importing digital files or ripping CDs and vinyl, and how to analyse, tag, label and back up your tracks to be in 100% control of your music collection
  • How to beatgrid your tracks properly, practise transitions, prepare loops and cues, and use powerful features such as related tracks, song info and the hidden sub-browser to help you to quickly prepare killer sets
  • How to build smart playlists, use colour coding, complete your metadata, add memory cues, set up active censor, and build sample banks – the “secret weapons” for better DJ sets once you get to your gigs
  • The correct way to save and export playlists, so you never lose your work or struggle finding tracks when DJing – whether you’re playing from laptop in Performance mode, or DJing from a USB stick with pro Pioneer gear
  • How to use Rekordbox & Rekordbox DJ with controllers and systems like the DDJ-WeGO, DDJ-400 & DDJ-RB, DDJ-1000, DDJ-RR, DDJ-RX, DDJ-RZ, DDJ-RZX, XDJ-RX/RX2 and the new XDJ-RR – even Serato gear like the DDJ-SB/SB2, DDJ-SR, DDJ-SX & DDJ-SX2
  • How to DJ on pro Pioneer club gear such as the CDJ-2000NXS2, CDJ-900NXS, XDJ-1000 MkII, XDJ-700, CDJ-TOUR1, DJM-900NXS2, DJM-S9 from USB drive, so that your sets in pro DJ booths are instantly polished and professional – even if you’ve never played on this type of gear before!
  • How Rekordbox DJ’s transport controls, mixer, master tempo, beat sync, loops, effects, sampler and sequencer functions work, so you can play exciting and innovative sets that really help you to stand out
  • How every function of your controller’s performance pads works, from hot cues and pad FX to slicer, beatjump, beat loop, key shift, and keyboard mode – master effortless and impressive live remixing!
  • How to use digital vinyl systems (DVS) with Rekordbox, for spinning on turntables and CD players – meaning you can use Rekordbox in practically any venue, whatever gear it has…
  • How to “map” Rekordbox to work with external Midi equipment, from keyboards to pad controllers, for extending your creativity infinitely
  • How “HID” mode works, so you can DJ directly from your laptop with pro Pioneer gear – and how to network that gear with Pro Link for the most powerful club DJ set-ups possible
  • How to DJ with just your laptop – great for impromptu DJ sets at afterparties, or getting lost in your music on long plane journeys…
  • How to move your personal settings and preferences to USB drive so pro gear in clubs behaves as you want it to, and the right way to sync your set histories and changes back from USB once you return home after each gig

Full Course Details


At the start of the course you’ll find out everything that you’re going to learn in order to get you confident with the Rekordbox software in no time.

What’s covered:

  • Introduction to the Rekordbox software
  • Why Rekordbox? What makes it unique
  • Installing Rekordbox
  • Exploring Rekordbox’s Plus Packs
Importing & analysing your music

Here you’ll learn about getting your tracks into Rekordbox – no matter where they’re coming from. We’ll show you how to import your digital files (including how to interface with iTunes, if that’s where you keep your music), and how to rip music from CD and vinyl to use in Rekordbox. Finally, you’ll learn what “analysing” means, why it’s important, and how to do it.

What’s covered:

  • An overview of what’s to come
  • Using iTunes in Rekordbox
  • Importing your music files
  • Ripping CDs
  • Ripping vinyl
  • Analysing your tunes: The basics
Using the browser & creating playlists

Of all the DJ programs, Rekordbox has by far the most powerful library and browser features, meaning it has unparalleled potential for helping you to prepare awesome DJ sets. In this module you’ll unlock that power, as we show you how to use the browser (tags, related tracks, song info, and sub-browser), and how to create and export killer playlists.

What’s covered:

  • Exploring the browser
  • Browser tabs I: My tags
  • Browser tabs II: Related tracks
  • Browser tabs III: Song info
  • Browser tabs IV: Sub-browser
  • Organising I: Creating playlists
  • Organising II: Exporting playlists to USB
Preparing your tracks

Crafting great DJ sets isn’t just about organising your tracks – it’s about how you prepare those tracks individually, too. In this module, you’ll learn about how Rekordbox helps you get your music ready for mixing, including how to beatgrid, how to set cue points and loops ahead of time, and even how to rehearse your mixes to work out whether tunes work well together in advance.

What’s covered:

  • Beatgridding 101
  • Setting cue points
  • Setting loop points
  • Rehearsing transitions
Advanced library lessons

Day-to-day, what you’ve learned in the previous two modules is sufficient to get you ready for gigging with Rekordbox. But a Rekordbox ninja also ought to know the advanced library features covered in this module. From how Rekordbox handles your music files, to how to back up and move your music, to using more advanced preparation features like “Memory Cues” and samples, it’s all covered here…

What’s covered:

  • How Rekordbox handles your music files
  • Backing up and moving your music and Rekordbox data
  • Using memory cues, loops and active loops
  • Sampling loops & sounds for sequencing
DJing with the laptop

In this section of the course we split the topic of DJing with your laptop into four key areas: the basics, using the performance pads, effects, sampler and sequencer and alternative set ups.

What’s covered:

  • The basics – how to configure the software, use the deck controls and mixer, and revealing “Master Tempo”, beat sync, key sync, slip mode, quantize, and automix – as well as showing you how to record your sets.
  • Performance pads – We get familiar with the eight drum pads, showing you how to move from just playing tracks to actually remixing them live. We’ll cover hot cues, intuitive effects, slicing up tracks, looping, playing song elements like on a keyboard, changing song key “live”, and much more…
  • Effects, sample & sequencer – Rekordbox has more comprehensive effects than any other DJ software, thanks to its legacy of awesome hardware effects on pro Pioneer DJ mixers. So in this module, we lift the lid on those effects for you, covering the three types that are available. Plus, as Rekordbox has a powerful sampler/sequencer built-in too, we show you across two lessons how to use it properly.
  • Alternative set up – The previous three modules have assumed you’re using a controller. But there are other gear set-ups you can use to DJ with your laptop, too. This module introduces those, and shows you how they work, covering digital vinyl systems (DVS), “mapping” for custom control using Midi hardware, and HID and Pro Link (for using your laptop with Pioneer pro gear)… even how to DJ with no hardware at all.



Bonus: Rekordbox Extras

By adding extra hardware or software, or devices such as your tablet or smartphone to Rekordbox, you can do an amazing variety of extra things. From controlling lighting, to adding visuals and videos to your sets, to preparing your music “on the go” (away from your laptop), to displaying song lyrics to your audiences, to adding yet MORE effects – we show you what’s possible in Rekordbox Extras.

What’s covered:

  • Using the Rekordbox app
  • Lighting Mode
  • Video DJing overview
  • Rekordbox Lyric
Bonus: Preferences 101

Call it the “interactive index”, call it the “how do I do that?” bonus module, call it the geeky, feature-by-feature breakdown – this is your “get out of jail” resource for when you simply NEED to know what a certain feature, function, knob, button, setting or option does in Rekordbox’s (frankly daunting) Preferences panel. Fix issues fast and get back to your DJing, with Preferences 101…

What’s covered:

  • Settings
  • Plus Packs
  • Interactive index

Meet your tutor

Joey Santos DDJT Team

Manila-based Joey Santos is the Managing Editor of Digital DJ Tips. A DJ since 1999, he ran a successful recording studio for many years, and is a music producer and sound engineer too. He is the tutor for our Dance Music Formula and Music Production For DJs courses.

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