All-New Scratching For Controller DJs

Every DJ wants to know how to scratch, and this revolutionary video training course is the most effective way to get you scratching on practically any DJ controller - fast.

Course introduction

Scratching for Controller DJs is the course that gets you scratching like a pro on any DJ controller, even if you’ve never used vinyl – or are even completely new to DJIng!

Learn how to go from total beginner to scratching confidently and impressively, using practically any DJ controller and any DJ software. It will make DJing with your controller more fun, and get you properly noticed as a DJ – the perfect way to stand out from the crowd.

We’ll show you how to use scratching to improve your mixing and transitions, and to effortlessly make breathtaking genre, BPM and energy level changes in your DJing, guaranteeing more interesting, varied DJ sets
All the essential basics techniques such as the baby scratch, cuts and chirps, all the way through to truly advanced skills such as the crab scratch, flares, the boomerang and beatjuggling – nothing is left out!

The course is taught over 45 core training HD videos, and comes with over 300 free scratch sounds and practice beats to give you everything you need to master scratching like a pro.  It’s also bursting with additional bonus material and resources.  You’ll get two completely free courses; Make Your Own Sample Sets and Make Your Own DJ Edits, plus additional training for none other than scratch legend DJ Angelo, training that is unique to this course.

What you'll learn

  • How to go from total beginner to scratching confidently and impressively on ANY DJ gear
  • How to guarantee more interesting, varied DJ sets using scratching to improve your mixing, and to effortlessly switch up genre, BPM and energy levels
  • All the basic skills through to nailing advanced scratching techniques: it’s all in here.
  • How to use all of these classic scratch techniques alongside things like loops, cues and effects, to move your scratching way past what vinyl DJs can achieve with their non-digital setups
  • The secrets of incorporating scratching into your DJ sets whatever your style, music, or audience, ensuring that you always impress and amaze. You’ll easily be able to transfer your new scratch skills to CDJs and vinyl, too
  • The confidence to control your music, manually beatmatch, and count beats, bars and rhythms – timeless DJ skills that will be second nature to you once you’ve followed our method for learning to scratch
  • How to sound great fast, thanks to the 100+ legendary scratch sounds and beats that are included… no fruitless searching the internet for all the great scratch sounds you know you need, as they’re all here!

Full Course Details

Get Started

Here you’ll learn about what to expect from the course, discover the story of how Steve got started (using some surprisingly basic gear) some essential tips on choosing & troubleshooting your own gear. Plus, you’ll get the first batch of sounds & samples ready use in the practical training to come.

What’s covered:

  • Don’t sweat the gear!
  • Choosing and troubleshooting your gear
  • Get the sounds
  • Setting up
Scratching: Jogwheel Techniques

Time to get your hands on the decks! We start with just one hand to begin with, as we concentrate on the techniques that you need to master to manipulate the jogwheel (and therefore the scratch sound) effectively, rhythmically and consistently before moving on to incorporating the crossfader hand. You’ll start to practices more intricate and complex patterns and movements with the jogwheel hand. If you want you can skip this module and move straight on to the crossfader videos, be sure to come back after and get to grips with these fun flourishes!

What’s covered:

  • Loading the sounds
  • Jogwheel basics and baby scratch
  • Baby scratch over beat
  • New baby scratch pattern
  • Combining the patterns
  • Combined scratch over a beat
  • Time to let go
  • Let go over beat
  • Baby scratch variations
  • Baby scratch variations over a beat
  • Baby scratch variations and let off
  • Baby scratch variations and let off over a beat
  • Even more baby scratch patterns
  • Even more baby scratch patterns over a beat
Scratching: Crossfader & Both Hands

Now it’s time to get clicking with the crossfader! Just like in the jogwheel section, you’ll start off by learning the crossfader drills with one hand until the actions become second nature. Then (and only then) do you start to incorporate your jogwheel hand too. Then you’ll start practising more advanced patterns and combinations using both hands, increasing the complexity and tempo as your skills improve.

What’s covered:

  • The crossfader and learning to gate
  • Gating over a beat
  • Your first cut
  • First cut over a beat
  • Cut pattern
  • Cut pattern over a beat
  • Combination cut
  • Scratch & cut let off
  • Scratch & cut let off over beat
  • Freestyle variations
Scratching: Intermediate Techniques

We ramp up the difficulty here with techniques that require a greater level of coordination and concentration. You’ll soon have added the “Stab” and the “Transformer” scratches to your scratch toolbox.

What’s covered:

  • Stabs & let off
  • Stabs & let off over a beat
  • The transformer scratch
  • The transformer scratch over a beat
  • Stabs & transformers together
Performing Scratches In Your DJ Sets

Now that you’ve got to grips with some impressive scratch techniques, you’ll be itching to start using them in your DJ sets. In this module you’ll learn about the different types of scratch sounds and when to use them and the important “do’s and don’ts” in terms of where you should scratch over other music. Plus, you’ll learn some impressive ways to use scratching to transition between tracks when mixing.

What’s covered:

  • Using the supplied sounds
  • Using your own sounds
  • Scratching over music basics
  • Getting your volume levels right
  • Scratching a rhythmic sample over a tune
  • Timing your drops
  • Choosing your moment
  • Scratch transitions: outro transition
  • Scratch transitions: tempo change transition
  • Scratch transitions: transition within the same track
  • Scratch transitions: spicing up a loop transition
  • Scratch transitions: no beat on next track transition
  • Scratch transitions: backspin
Scratching: Advanced Techniques

Ever done a Scribble or a Chirp? Or even a Crab? Well, by the end of this module you’ll have discovered the secrets to mastering these famous advanced scratch techniques, plus a whole load more.

What’s covered:

  • The scribble scratch
  • The beat builder
  • The tear scratch
  • The tear & drop scratch
  • The chirp scratch
  • The chirp over beat & chirp scratch
  • The beat chirp
  • The crap scratch
  • Performance mixing: Phasing
  • Performance mixing: Beat echoes
Bonus Courses

When you take Scratching for Controller DJs, you also gain access to two other courses, completely free: Make Your Own Sample Sets and Make Your Own DJ Edits.

Make Your Own Sample Sets, what’s covered:

Every DJ understands the power of using samples in their DJ sets. Whether you want to use them to scratch, for drops, to dabble in controllerism, or just to add some “spice”, using your own unique samples makes you stand out from the crowd and adds an impressive new DJing skill to your repertoire. What’s more, by making your own personalised “set” or “sentence” of samples, compiled together on one special, unique track, you can use your own samples wherever you DJ, on any gear.

Make Your DJ Edits, what’s covered:

In the modern DJ world, where everyone’s got the same music, and the same skills, what can you do today – right now – to actually turn heads, to get noticed, to make an impression? Well, making your own DJ edits is a fast-track way to stamp individuality and credibility on your DJ sets. Pro DJs have been making and playing their own edits to use as “battle weapons” in their sets for decades and this course, taught by our senior tutor Steve Canueto who has edited 1000s of tracks and DJ mix albums, teaches you the pro secrets using free software to get you editing your own tracks, fast!

DJ Angelo Bonuses

This course is bursting with bonuses and here are some of the biggest, delivered by none other than Scratch DJ legend DJ Angelo.  Over several modules, you’ll get stuck into some stone-cold classic scratch techniques; you’ll learn one click and two click flares, plus the Boomerang scratch and the Swing Flare.

He’ll then progress you to various different versions of the Crab Scratch, before moving on to possibly the most amazing part of this whole course – teaching you how to beat juggle using your DJ controller!

Then take this to the next level, with the DJ Angelo Scratch Patterns Cookbook, which takes all the scratch techniques you’ve learned in the Power Skills lessons and puts them together in various patterns and combinations for you to follow along and practice with. Each one has easy to follow on-screen graphics to help you nail it!

Bonus Resources

In addition to the core content for this course, we’re spoiling you with additional bonuses to make sure you master your scratching and cement your learning!

Here you will find:

  • Optimise you gear – all the settings you need for perfect scratching
  • 100s of FREE scratch sounds and perfect beats
  • Pro Scratch DJ Interviews – get motivation and inspiration from these guys!
  • Practice drills and supporting videos
  • Follow along scratch demos
  • Scratch deconstructions

Meet your tutor

Steve Canueto DDJT Team

Steve Canueto is a DJing and music industry veteran including 10 years heading up Ministry of Sound's compilations division. He's been a senior tutor at Digital DJ Tips since 2013 and created our hugely popular Scratching For Controller DJs course.

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