Traktor Made Easy

Got Traktor? Want to know how to use it to its full potential for amazing DJ sets? Become a Traktor ninja and master this powerful software today.

Course introduction

If you don’t understand your DJ software inside out, you’re not only missing out on a lot of the fun of digital DJing, but you’re also setting yourself up for failure at gigs, when you’d be unable to cope should unexpected things start happening mid-performance. A thorough understanding of your DJ software, then, is not only desirable so you can enjoy your DJing more, but essential if you ever want to play out, especially if you’re planning on getting paid for DJing.

This is a complete video course, delivered online in full HD, viewable on your computer, smartphone or tablet, so you can learn anywhere. It’s fully up to date, including the updated Traktor Pro 3 software and the Kontrol S4 MK3 and Kontrol S2 MK3 DJ controllers.

Brought to you by the expert team here at the world’s biggest online DJ training site, with “over the shoulder” screen recordings and detailed follow-alongs, it’s everything you need to master Traktor in one place. What’s more, pay once and it’s yours for life, so you can take it at your own speed and refer back to it whenever you want.

What you'll learn

  • How to create and manage your Traktor music folders and playlists, to suit the way you play
  • The right way to use Traktor’s incredible effects, incorporating them confidently into your sets
  • How to master the screen layouts, including all the “secret areas” that hide special features,
  • How to use cues, loops, loop roll, slicer, and Flux to move your way beyond “pressing play”…
  • How to use Traktor’s super-creative Stems and Remix Decks, giving you a real edge in your DJing
  • How to get practically any DJ controller working with Traktor by using freely available mappings
  • How to connect to external mixers and use audio interfaces, including adding turntables
  • How to use beatgrids, sync, quantise and snap to tightly mix multiple decks together
  • How to properly record your DJ sets, either to upload to music sites or to broadcast live
  • How to use all types of Traktor controllers, and the differences between them

Full Course Details


At the start of the course you’ll find out everything that you’re going to learn in order to get you confident with the Traktor Pro software in no time.

What’s covered:

  • You’ll learn the differences between the normal and “Scratch” versions of Traktor and show you how to install and get set up whether you’re using a Mac or PC
  • Traktor can look a bit like a flight-deck! So you’ll learn exactly what you’re looking at on screen and learn some useful shortcuts and configuration features
  • You’ll get direct access to invaluable info about Traktor – system requirements, registration details, where to get timecode vinyl, how to upgrade…
  • There’s a downloadable keyboard mappings chart to customise your controls, and compatibility info to get Traktor working with non-Traktor hardware
The Browser

The browser in Traktor is particularly powerful, so we spend a lot of time getting you up to speed on everything from importing and analysing your music to handling cover art.

What’s covered:

  • You’ll learn how Traktor’s Collection works, what to avoid when you import music, and how to create smart lists of tracks that will complement each other in the mix
  • You’ll learn how to create, import, edit and delete playlists, how to make preparation lists to put tracks in while playing, how to remove duplicates and personalise your playlists
  • You’ll discover the various ways you can use the preview player feature, and learn all about the cover art feature
  • You’ll learn about editing the metadata information of your tracks (artist, title, BPM etc) and all about track maintenance features including “consistency check”
  • You’ll discover the BPM, Beatgrid, Key, Waveform “Stripe” and Gain Value features, and learn the two main ways that tracks can be analysed either one at a time or in a batch
The Decks

Transport, beatgridding, cue points, Stems, Remix Decks… it’s all here in this deep dive look at everything to do with Traktor’s powerful four deck “flavours”.

What’s covered:

  • You’ll meet the types of deck, and learn how the tempo fader, phase meter, pitch bend, keylock, sync, loop and cues work
  • You’ll discover how to control volumes, filters and FX for each “Stem” in the Stems decks using just the laptop
  • You’ll dive under the hood to configure the deck header areas, their sizes & appearance, the waveform colours and the beatgrid view
  • You’ll learn the one loading area “life saver” that can save you huge embarrassment…
  • You’ll harness the power of the Remix Decks and their four “Sample Slots”
  • You’ll master “Transport” configurations like altering the tempo range for mixing between different BPMs and genres
  • You’ll learn about using “beat jump” and moving loops around to start to “live remix” your tracks
  • You’ll discover how to create, move, map, delete and re-assign, name, jump between and save cue points and loops
  • You’ll master beatgridding – how to adjust, delete and recreate grids and use “tap”, for glitch-free looping and syncing
The Mixer

You’ll get a solid grounding in internal mixing and setting mixer preferences, plus loop recording, the master clock, the audio recorder and essential “Global” settings.

What’s covered:

  • You’ll learn about EQ, Filters, Key, Gain and Volume, selecting one of the six choices of EQ settings and three choices of filter settings and “auto fade”
  • You’ll learn why the Master Clock is important, how it works, plus when you ought not use it
  • You’ll discover how to record loops, layer loops on top of loops, and how to record your whole DJing session
  •  You’ll get the low down on the extra layout and information view settings that you can configure to your taste in the “Mixer” area of the preferences pane
  •  We’ll show you how to set a default view for the Global Area  and how to switch on the deck header warnings to make sure you never miss a beat when DJing
The Effects

From configuring effects to understanding the different set-ups and types of effect, to actually hearing some of the most popular effects and learning how to manipulate them, it’s all here…

What’s covered:

  • You’ll discover how to select two or four effects units, and “single” or “group” units, what a “post fader” effect is and how to use it and how to save your effects settings
  • You’ll learn about the panel modes and how to configure them, the parameters that are common to all effects in Traktor and what the three different types of effects are
  • You’ll get an in-depth look (and listen) to five of Traktor’s most popular and usable effects: Delay T3, Phaser Pulse, Gater, Beatmasher 2 and Wormhole
  • We’ll give you a full “daisy-chain” demo with three effects inline, to discover the amazing and unique sounds that can be created when you “gang” effects together
Hardware Set-ups

Traktor is highly flexible when it comes to setting it up with external equipments, so we take you through the full set of choices you have when it comes to choosing the perfect set-up.

What’s covered:

  • You’ll learn how to DJ with Traktor using just your laptop, including using a DJ splitter cable for pre-cueing on just a single stereo output
  • We’ll show you all the Traktor hardware so you can learn the difference between the units that are purely for control, and those that also incorporate audio interfaces
  • You’ll discover how to find mapping files online so no matter what controller you have, you’ll be able to use it with Traktor
  • You’ll see practical applications of mapping, like keyboard mappings for loading tracks onto decks C&D and how to re-map a Traktor Kontrol S4 to get waveform zooms
  • We’ll show you how to use an audio interface to let you mix using any external DJ mixer, effectively turning Traktor into just your “decks”
  • You’ll get a detailed talkthrough of DJing on Traktor with either vinyl/CD (DVS) or with a typical Traktor DJ controller

In over 15 bonus videos, we cover a huge range of use cases and extra features, such as DJing with the powerful Kontrol S8, an advanced look at DJing with Stems, laptop-only DJing, and more…

What’s covered:

  • You’ll get the “minimal” bible on how to DJ using just your keyboard, from basic mixing to using FX, loops, cues, EQ and filter
  • Jogwheel-free transport, external devices, beatgridding, looping, Flux… the Kontrol S8 does everything a little differently. We show you exactly how to master it
  • Stems are an exciting way of DJing with the constituent parts of tracks, and we show you how to choose and mix with them, as well as how to play them on DVS, D2, F1,  S4…
  • Want to scratch but haven’t got jogwheels or platters? It just might be possible… we show you how

Meet your tutor

Steve Canueto DDJT Team

Steve Canueto is a DJing and music industry veteran including 10 years heading up Ministry of Sound's compilations division. He's been a senior tutor at Digital DJ Tips since 2013 and created our hugely popular Scratching For Controller DJs course.

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“This course shaved months, maybe even years, of frustration. It answered all my questions and is there whenever I forget how to set-up something – I just go back to the course and find out easily how to accomplish it. Traktor Made Easy shows you all the features that Traktor was built to perform. Despite using Traktor for the last 10 years there were the Remix Decks, Stems, library management tips and tricks, mapping tools, and  other things that I didn’t know in full detail until I took this course. A complete package.”
Mike Gerth, Chicago, Ilinois, USA
“Knowing 100% of what is – let’s be honest – one of the more confusing DJ software packages on the market is very important, especially when working with other DJs, as you really do need to know what you’re doing. The way the instructors present the videos is very easy to understand and I like how I can take it at my own pace. If you’re still unconvinced, all I can say is: Listen, no matter what you think, you don’t know Traktor as well as you think you do. Stop wasting those four decks and start using them to your advantage!”
Kiley Kozlowski, The Pas, Canada
“Been using Traktor since 2003, but this experience took me to another level. As a DJ it helped me to organise more myself in regards to where or when to use the effects or filters and how creative you can become with combining multiple at once. Always straightforward and right to the chase: That’s what I like about Digital DJ Tips. They really understand, get and know what amateurs and beginner DJs question themselves about this art and go straight to the point in every subject, and everything is very simply explained.”
Jeffrey Rodriguez, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic