DJ Mixes Should Soon Be Legal On SoundCloud, Company Says

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 18 September, 2020


It looks like DJs will soon be able to post their mixes on SoundCloud, thanks to a deal done between SoundCloud and Dubset, a company that helps with the clearing of samples uses in new productions.

Dubset analyses content from music creators identifying the use of original recordings within their work, and already performs its services for thousands of label and publishing rights holders.

Now it is bringing this technology to SoundCloud, and SoundCloud says that later this year some producers will be able to clear their uploaded remixes – and that full DJ sets will also be included over time.

No dates have been put on this yet by either company, so watch this space for more when we have it.

Solving the SoundCloud dilemma for DJs…

This could finally solve a dilemma that has haunted DJs for many years: Upload to much smaller but legal-for-DJ-mixes platforms like Mixcloud, missing out on the huge reach and potential exposure offered by SoundCloud – or put your mixes on SoundCloud, knowing full well that sooner or later, the copyright police may come knocking, and your whole channel may be taken down.

Combining the best of both worlds would benefit all concerned, including the original rights holders – so let’s hope they get this together quickly.

Are you looking forward to this? Do you think being able to share your mixes on SoundCloud is a good idea? Let us know your thoughts below…

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