DJ Finger Drumming Lessons Now Available On Melodics App

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 4 August, 2017


Melodics just announced a new batch of lessons dedicated to cue point drumming for DJs, along with a Windows version of its tutoring app.

A new category of cue point drumming and performance pad lessons is now available at Melodics, the innovative “finger drumming” app that recently hit the market.

Tailor-made for DJs, these lessons focus on performing with your controller’s pads to help you make build-ups, breakdowns, and flips, essentially extending your bag of DJ mix tricks. A Windows version of the app has also just been released too alongside the Mac version that was previously announced.

We’ve tried out Melodics since its launch, and it’s a fun way to learn finger drumming – although at launch it was geared more towards music producers. With this new batch of lessons, the service becomes more relevant to DJs since of course most all controllers these days have at least one row of performance pads to mash cue points with.

• Melodics for Windows and the new performance pad lessons are live. Visit the Melodics website for more details.

Have you tried doing a live routine using cue points and your controller’s pads? Is that something you’re eager to learn? Let us know below.

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