DJ Player 5.0 For iPad Brings Midi Mapping & Multi-Route Audio

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 11 April, 2018

DJ Player 5
Your iPad, fully mapped to a full-sized DJ controller? All possible with the latest release of DJ Player.

In a big week for iOS DJing, DJ Player 5.0 was released into the App Store today. (Update: Here’s a DJ Player v5.0 review.) The update offers fully mappable Midi controls for multiple hardware units, and user-configurable audio routing taking advantage of iOS 6 multi-route audio.

Other improvements include the facility to import mapping straight from a web page, low-latency WiFi streaming, and the ability to import audio files from other apps. Mappings can be created, modified, imported and shared (using iTunes File Sharing), and there’s a build in mapping editor with Midi learn and a Midi monitor. Multiple Midi sources can be used simultaneously.

While the iOS 6 multi-channel audio options are extensive, it’s worth noting that the new version still plays nicely with iOS 5, with all the same options available as before – indeed, audio routing for iOS 5 users has actually been simplified. The Midi mapping capabilities were recently demonstrated in a series of videos; here’s DJ Player being controller by a Vestax VCI-400. DJ Player has been regularly updated since its first appearance in 2008, and for professional iOS DJs, it represents one of the most flexible, powerful and stable choices. If Algoriddim’s djay is the Serato of iOS DJing, then DJ Player is definitely the Traktor.

We’ll have a full review soon, but meanwhile you can go grab the latest version now: App Store (US), App Store (UK).

With proper mapping, full Midi, and genuine multi-channel audio, do you think that iOS is now a viable platform for serious DJing? Please share your thoughts below.

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