DJ Player Pro Can Now Suggest Your Next Tune

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 25 March, 2018

DJ Player Pro just released an update that includes song recommendations and improved library browsing.

DJ Player Pro on iOS just got an update. Now at version 9.5, the update brings a Track Match feature that recommends tunes based on the tempo and musical key of the song you’re playing. Library browsing also gets a boost, and you can now have two browser windows open for quicker track selection. Other upgrades include tighter sync among decks, a track preview feature, and interface tweaks.

The DJ Player apps have been around for a while, and the DJ Player Pro flagship version is one of the more powerful iOS DJing apps around. It was the first to bring several laptop DJ app features to iOS such as DVS, comprehensive Midi mapping, and the ability to mix tracks that use the Stems format from Native Instruments. Watch out for our review of it soon.

• DJ Player 9.5 is now available on the App Store. Check the DJ Player Pro website for more details.

What do you think of this update? Do you use your smartphone or tablet to DJ? What has been your experience with that style of DJing? Share your thoughts below.

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