VIP DJ Playlists From James Hype & Others Added To Beatsource

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 17 December, 2021

Beatsource, the online music store and DJ software streaming music provider, has announced a host of DJ-curated playlists on its service.

Names include Lil Jon, Tay James (Justin Bieber’s tour DJ), ZHU, Craig David, DJ Javin, and our very own tutor, James Hype.

The idea is that users of Beatsource can use these “VIP crates” as inspiration for their own sets. The tracks can be bought, or the playlists can be accessed from within DJ software via the Beatsource LINK subscription service.

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It is not clear how often these will be updated, but as curation is at least as important as sheer numbers of tracks available in stores or on streaming services such as these, it’s good to see Beatsource putting effort into this area.

The selection of DJs reflects the fact that unlike its sister service Beatport, Beatsource is primarily a major label store and streaming service, and therefore mainly of interest to open-format and commercial DJs – although obviously there is a certain amount of crossover.

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The Beatsource announcement follows a similar initiative from Spotify, which launched its own DJ-curated playlists called “Track IDs” during August 2020.

• Find out more and browse the playlists on the Beatsource site.

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