Podcast #7: DJ Rasp Talks Touring China, Winning Scratch Comps & DJing With An Orchestra

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 12 April, 2019


Just how do you go from teaching yourself to make mixtapes with a cassette player, to being a two-times DMC UK Supremacy Champion, five-times IDA UK Champion, and Red Bull 3style UK finalist… as well as becoming a world-touring DJ, scratch tutor and competition judge?

Well, in DJ Rasp’s case, he did it via a long-term stint as the DJ in a band, and working with a world-famous orchestra! Still DJing several times a week to this day, nowadays Rasp also teaches, not least for us here at Digital DJ Tips, where he produces Skill Session videos and helps out inside our scratch training courses.

In this, the latest episode of our “Tales From The Dancefloor” podcast, Rasp gives some deep insight into the scratch world, shares what it was like to tour China recently… and reminisces about when mixtapes actually were, you know, tapes…

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