DJ Rig For iPad Arrives

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Last updated 16 November, 2017


DJ Rig
Hardware and software, with a couple of twists: DJ Rig is IK Multimedia’s take on the iOS DJing experience…

The iPad DJ scene is jumping forward fast right now, the latest addition being the DJ Rig for iPad software from IK Multimedia. We’ve already reviewed DJ Rig for iPhone and iPod Touch, as part of our look at the company’s own hardware solution, the iRug Mix Mobile iOS DJ Mixer.

But now, the software is finally available for the iPad too, and IK Multimedia is selling it as offering “a comprehensive DJ setup that packs all the features the most demanding DJs need”. With CDJ, vinyl and waveform modes, 18 BPM synced effects, an onboard sampler and an innovative X-Sync mode that detects the BPM from external sources and autosyncs the software to it, the app is yet another choice for those coming to iPad DJing, as the platform gains ground.

It is currently unclear whether the software makes use of the new multi-route audio capabilities of iOS 6, but at this stage an educated guess would be that it doesn’t – watch this space for more info on that.

It’s US$19.99, and available from the App Store (US) and the App Store (UK). There’s also a free version available.

• See the DJ Rig for iPAd press release over on the Digital DJ Tips Newswire.

Do you like the idea of this integrated hardware/software solution? Are any of these latest iOS releases tempting you to give iOS DJing a try? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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