DJ Sound Control: A Crazy New All-In-One DJ Console

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
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Last updated 27 November, 2017


DJ Sound Control
You just know you want one, right? This laptop packs a big secret within its heavily modded clamshell: A fully featured DJ controller!

This head-turning (and reputedly $20k) laptop mod, apart from looking absolutely gorgeous, takes the one-box DJ console idea to another logical extreme. Because whereas we’ve already seen what happens when you take the computer and fit it into a DJ console (the Stanton SCS.4DJ that’s just hit the streets does just that), this is the first examnple we’ve seen of what happens when you go the other way and fit the DJ console right into the laptop!

It’s the work of PC modder Chris Blarsky, and takes the unassuming Lenovo A700 laptop and sprinkles some serious disco dust onto it in order to come up with a unique and instantly desirable DJ laptop. He calls it the DJ Sound Control, and its 23″ casing comes complete with a sliding drawer for a keyboard and a power supply that apparently doubles up as a sound interface.

We have absolutely no idea about what software it runs, or how well it works, but look at the pictures below and you can see it’s built to last, and looks undeniably hi-tech with that multi-coloured, translucent casing.


DJ sound control


There’s a Flash video presentation on the modder’s blog but it is probably the largest piece of Flash we’ve ever seen, and seeing as there’s no chance of us ever actually owning this thing, we gave up after 10 minutes of trying to load it. Feel free to have a look and report back in the comments what you find there… we’d love to know more but life’s too short. Source: Engadget.

Interesting times! Controllers with laptops built-in, now a laptop with a controller built-in. Is, as DJ TechTools mused recently, the laptop on its way out? Or is the controller plus laptop DJing model here to stay? What do you think of this particular design? Let us know in the comments!

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