djay 2 Arrives For Apple Watch, Free For A Week

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 5 August, 2017

djay 2
Algoriddim has announced that djay 2 will be available for the Apple Watch as a free download all week long. djay 2 for the iPhone will also be a free download during this period.

Algoriddim’s popular djay 2 program for iPhone has had a major update to work with Apple Watch, it has been announced today ahead of the smartwatch’s official launch tomorrow. Both djay 2 for the iPhone and its sister djay 2 for the iPad will be free for an entire week on the App Store as part of the launch.

Relying on having the djay 2 app running on the iPhone (as per all third-party Apple Watch apps as of now), the Watch version allows the user to browse their iTunes library, cue, sync, add effects and loops, and mix either with sync or Automix using Spotify for continuous music.

While it won’t work with the iPad version, and it’s not standalone or able to use any music that’s actually stored on your Watch (it works with your iTunes collection on your iPhone), it nonetheless appears to be a cleverly designed extension to the iPhone version, essentially a well-featured remote control. Karim Morsy, CEO of Algoriddim, says:

“We extracted the essence of DJing and put it onto Apple Watch. I’m confident to say that you can now perform a full DJ set right from your wrist.”

Check out the photo gallery and video below.

Promo video

Photo gallery

djay 2 for iPhone ($2.99) with Apple Watch integration as well as djay 2 for iPad ($9.99) will be available free on the App Store for one week only. Get more details on the Algoriddim website.

Does this entice you to get an Apple Watch? How do you think apps like this will change digital DJing? Tell us your thoughts below.

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