Drop Some Dark Side At Your Next Gig

Joey Santos
Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 4 August, 2017

Imperial March
Awaken the Force and get your wookie on with this remix of Darth Vader’s Imperial March theme from one of our readers. Empire-approved!

The brand new Star Wars movie just released around the world (just in case you’ve been lying low on a desert planet for the last few weeks), and we thought you might want to add a bit of Sith flavour at your next show, so we’ve got a little gem for you.

One of our readers Parker-T produced this most satisfying Imperial March remix that works as an intro or segue during a DJ set. It certainly helps that it’s at a tempo and vibe that’s chart hot right now (think Major Lazer, DJ Snake, etc)

Show the crowd you’re no Padawan – check it out at Parker-T’s SoundCloud page (assuming it’s still there, of course). Drop it, you must!

• Special thanks to Parker-T for this track. Surely the dark lords at Korriban are turnt up right this very second!

Any other Star Wars-themed remixes / productions you’d like to share with us? Link them up below!

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