DVS Wars! Native Drops Price of Traktor Z2 Mixer

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 4 December, 2014

kontrol z2
The Traktor Kontrol Z2, which has had a decent price cut for December, is a very different beast to the recently released Akai Pro AMX for Serato DJ, but both offer cost-effective ways into their respective softwares’ DVS solutions.

No sooner have we covered the Akai Pro AMX software mixer / audio interface, that for $349 (including a required software upgrade) gets you started with Serato DJ DVS (timecode), than Native Instruments drops the price of its Traktor Kontrol Z2. Now at just US$599 / €599 / £479 for the whole of December, it gives you, again, both the mixer and audio interface you need to get you off the ground with Traktor’s own DVS solution, Traktor Scratch Pro 2.

Like the AMX, it is Innofader-equipped and comes with all you need to start DJing using your existing decks or CDJs, including a built-in audio interface. But unlike the AMX, which majors on portability, the Kontrol Z2 is an aluminium-built, “full sized” club-standard mixer, with full standalone mixer function, and two digital Remix Deck channels with RGB pads for control alongside its two DVS/analogue channels, “pro” features like booth/balanced outputs, a built-in USB hub for adding additional controllers, microphone input and so on. It’a altogether a very different proposition, and it’s easy to see where your extra dosh is going. (You also get the timecode CDs/vinyl thrown in, unlike the AMX.)

Is something new afoot?

Whether this is indeed a reaction to Akai Pro’s new addition to Serato’s DVS line-up (might be, but in truth they’re very different products), or a sign that there’s something around the corner from Native Instruments to replace / augment the Z2 (a four-channel “Z4” would be an obvious candidate), or indeed just a jolly Christmas gesture to the company’s fans, no matter: If you’ve been eyeing a Kontrol Z2, there’s never been a better time to grab one.

• Find out more about this offer here.

Have you got the Kontrol Z2? Do you think this is a sign there’s something new imminent? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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