Even More Revolutionary Than The Touchscreen Traktor DJ System?

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 4 October, 2017

Gergwerk touchscreen DJ solution
The Gergwerk touchscreen DJ solution takes things to the next level.

The Emulator / Töken / Traktor touchscreen DJ system that we featured recently certainly turned heads, more because the screen was so revolutionary rather than because of the software (although it DID look cool). The main concerns about that system were that it probably would not prove very practical to use all of those controls on a touchscreen.

So check out Gergwerk’s take on touchscreen DJing (video below), that combines the GUI thinking of companies like Apple with today’s modern touchscreens.


What did you think of that then? This is appealing because of the thinking that has gone into how to use the touchscreen, rather than just using a clean(ish) port of existing software onto the touchscreen. Imagine this running on the touchscreen from the aforementioned project, or even just on an iPad.

It’s actually a Senior Degree Project for the Kansas City Art Institute and the creator is in the San Francisco area looking for collaborators interested in discussing this project further. (This is in fact just a mock-up, as confirmed by Ean Golden over at DJTechTools in a neat little interview with the creator).

Good work, we say!

Could you DJ on a system like that? what do you think of it against the other touchscreen system we featured recently? Let us know…

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