Make Music Faster With Focusrite’s FAST Verb Plug-in & FAST Bundle

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Last updated 27 April, 2022


There is a lot to get your head around when you’re just starting to produce music, and Focusrite’s FAST plugins are designed to help you get up to speed, faster.

They take care of four of the big areas of music production that can take years to master as a producer, freeing you up to be creative as you make music.

Now with the announcement of the new FAST Verb plug-in and the FAST Bundle, you can get more help than ever, at a lower price.

What are the FAST plugins?

Designed to work as VST plugins with your DAW (eg Ableton Live, Logic Pro), they use AI to help you with these four big areas of improving the sound of your tracks:

  • FAST Verb – adds depth to your music by dialling in just the right amount of reverb for you – this is the new one, that completes the “set”
  • FAST Equaliser – locates the active sweet spots in the audio and automatically finds the right EQ curve
  • FAST Compressor – maintains control over dynamics and helps sound fit in the mix by automatically tailoring compression settings
  • FAST Reveal – balances two signals competing in the same frequency range and reveals the frequency of the track in the foreground by ducking the track in the background whenever there are clashes

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You can just throw them on your tracks, individually, or over the master output (in the case of Compressor and Equaliser) – job done.

But when you’re ready to dive deeper, they have detailed views that let you get more granular with the settings. They also have pleasing visualisations of what they’re doing, to help you understand what’s happening.

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Availability and cost

There’s an introductory offer to the complete FAST Bundle for registered hardware owners of Focusrite and Novation products of £/$/€6.66 inc VAT per month or £/$/€99.99 as a one-time price. Note that FAST plug-ins are currently only available to customers in UK, EU, US, Canada, Japan and Australia.

• More info on the new FAST Verb here, and more info on the FAST Bundle here.

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