Friday Five: 10 Years Of Pop In 3 Minutes

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Last updated 22 November, 2019


In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with mashup maestro DJ Earworm’s Decade Of Pop that condenses hits of the past decade into a three-minute opus. We’ve also got pieces from NME, Recording Revolution, Mixmag and DJ Techtools. Have a great weekend ahead!

  1. 10 Years Of Pop In 3 Minutes – DJ Earworm rounds up the decade’s biggest bangers and mashes them up into a three-minute rager. Top up your crates for NYE as early as now Watch it
  2. The Best Happy Songs – Speaking of topping up crates, NME says these are the “happiest” songs ever made. If you agree, you’ll want to throw a few of them into your playlists Read more
  3. Is My Song Good Enough To Release? – You’ve spent days, weeks, maybe even months working on perfecting your tune, but is it ready for the world to hear? Graham from Recording Revolution gives you simple guidelines to know when your track is “done” Read more
  4. How The Berlin Wall Bolstered Techno Today – It’s been 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall separating East and West Germany. Read how that historic event changed not only European politics, but underground dance music as we know it today. Mixmag has it Read more
  5. Is Virtual Reality The Future Of DJing? – As more convincing VR apps are put to market, is this the next frontier for digital DJs? DJ Techtools explores Read more

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