Friday Five: 100 Timeless Tracks Guaranteed To Rock Any Party

Joey Santos
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Last updated 26 July, 2019

In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with a solid one from Billboard that lists 100 all-age floorfillers as chosen by wedding DJs. We’ve also got pieces from Mixmag, Resident Advisor, and The New York Times. Have a great weekend ahead!

  1. Wedding DJs’ 100 Most Popular Party Songs – Top up your playlists with this rundown of heaters that’ll make you the DJ hero of any dancefloor wherever you are in the world. Billboard has it Read more
  2. How DJing Can Be More Inclusive For Disabled Artists – Mixmag shares stories and ideas on how to make clubs, venues and DJ technology more accessible for folk with disabilities Read more
  3. 4 Top Monitors Under $800 – Resident Advisor gathered four producers to test and decide which mid-tier monitor is best for DJ/producer bedroom studios Read more
  4. Why You’ll Want To Sit Down At Your Next Rave – Just because you’re at an electronic music party doesn’t mean you have to dance non-stop. Mixmag explores the (sustainable) joys of sitting down during a rave, especially if you want to last until the very end Read more
  5. These Women Are Changing New York’s DJ Game – From throwing packed parties and essential club nights to negotiating higher (ie fairer) fees, these NYC DJs are taking matters into their own hands – and getting a lot of success as a result Read more

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