Friday Five: 8 Practical Ways To Be A Better DJ Today

Joey Santos
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Last updated 4 April, 2019

In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with a piece from Mixmag that lists eight solid tips on how not to be a douchebag behind the decks. We’ve also got pieces from Flypaper, London Evening Standard, Forbes and Digital Music News. Have a great weekend ahead!

  1. 8 Practical Ways To Be A Better DJ – Mixmag lists some best practices and proper etiquette for gigging DJs. Ignore at your own peril! Read the article
  2. How to Get Through A Show When Everything Goes Wrong – Power through even the toughest and most demoralising of performance situations with these tips from Flypaper Read the article
  3. 12 Most Influential DJs In Dance – The London Evening Standard lists what it thinks are the most essential dance music DJs of our time Read the article
  4. How Sasha Remixes Songs – Check out how one of the greatest DJ/producers of all time approaches creating remixes that sound entirely his own. Forbes has it Read the article
  5. Music Downloads Edge Closer To Extinction – CDs aren’t the only thing going the way of the dinosaur: MP3s and music downloads in general are at an all time low as people shift to streaming. Digital Music News has it Read the article

Feel free to comment on any of the articles in the section below.

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