Friday Five: How CDJs Changed The Art Of DJing

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Friday Five
Last updated 3 November, 2017


In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with a piece from Resident Advisor that takes an in-depth look at how Pioneer DJ’s CDJ media player disrupted the DJ world. We’ve also got pieces from The Guardian, Create Digital Music, and Tunecore. Have a great weekend ahead!

  1. The Art Of Disruption: How CDJs Changed DJing – This deep dive by Resident Advisor examines how the CDJ shaped today’s DJing landscape. Sure, vinyl-only DJs may scoff at how Pioneer DJ’s media player has made DJing “easy” and “accessible to everyone”, but what cannot be disputed is that CDJs have changed DJing forever Read more
  2. Vinyl To Appear Alongside Loo Rolls & Mars Bars – UK supermarket giant Sainsbury’s has just put out vinyl compilation albums under its Own Label brand. Is this a good thing, or is the company just cashing in on the vinyl boom? The Guardian has it Read more
  3. What Will Native Instruments Do With 50 Million Euros? – Native Instruments received a massive influx of cash this past week, and while Traktor Pro 2 news has been thin (the latest update includes colour-coding ability…) there are a couple of reasons why this money windfall will be significant moving forward. Create Digital Music speculates Read more
  4. Why Are Music Albums Getting Longer? – As attention spans continue to shrink in today’s digital age, pop and dance stars are churning out bigger batches of songs to create ever-larger albums. Why is this? The Guardian investigates Read more
  5. The Technological Evolution Of Live Performance – How are advancements in music technology shaping the way DJs and artists perform onstage? This piece by the Tunecore Blog takes a look at current performance trends Read more

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