Friday Five: How Dance Music & DJing Went Global

Joey Santos
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Last updated 19 January, 2018

In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with a piece from The Guardian that uncovers the role that social media and the internet has played in delivering dance music to a global audience. We’ve also got pieces from Mixmag, The Breeze and Music Industry Blog. Have a great weekend ahead!

  1. How Dance Music Went Global – Check out this fascinating piece on how the once-underground electronic dance music scene exploded and became a worldwide phenomenon that can be felt whether you’re in Malta or Mumbai. The Guardian has it Read more
  2. Why “Me Time” Should Involve Music, Too – Music has therapeutic qualities that can be used to aid the treatment of mental illnesses such as depression and, as recently discovered, dementia. The Breeze has it Read more
  3. 15 Dance Music Predictions For 2018 – From cheaper modular synths to the return of radio via the internet and podcasting, Mixmag shortlists what it thinks will be the biggest trends in dance this year Read more
  4. How Sex In Pop Has Changed Forever – The Guardian explores how a heightened awareness of contemporary gender politics has changed the way sexuality in pop music is portrayed and, more importantly, why that’s a good thing for everyone Read more
  5. Karaoke DJ? You’ll Want To See These Numbers – This report by Music Industry Blog states that 70% of karaoke users are female, and that 88% of music streaming subscribers look for lyrics so they can sing along. If you’re a mobile DJ, keep these stats in mind the next time you build a playlist where you went your crowd to be belting every single note Read more

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