Friday Five: Diplo Talks Musical Inspiration, Tips For New Club DJs & More…

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Friday Five
Last updated 30 March, 2018


In this week’s Friday roundup of the best of the web, Diplo discusses where he gets his inspiration from, a history lesson in disco, and advice for club DJs on what and how to play. These and more below:

  1. “I never want to ride the wave of the trends. I want to start them or mess them up.” – Major Lazer – Get under the skin of what makes the Major Lazer protagonist tick in this in-depth interview from The Guardian Read more
  2. Interested In The Roots Of Dance Music? Must-Read! – Via DJ Mag, UK DJ veteran Greg Wilson offers another episode in his exhaustive annals of the history of disco. Must-read if you’re serious about music’s history Read more
  3. In The Age Of Streaming, Music Piracy Is On The Rise… – Hypebot covers a report that shows that even though music streaming is growing exponentially, piracy has far from gone away Read more
  4. 5 Mistakes New Club DJs Make (And How To Avoid Them) – Nice article covering off some basics that trip DJs starting out in clubs time and time again. From DJ TechTools Read more
  5. Forget Genres, DJs Play Music Based On How People Feel – The best DJs play sets that move around the genres, based on the people in front of them. Now the data supports them. Via Hypebot Read more

Do let us know below what you think about these stories – and have a great weekend!

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