Friday Five: How Streaming & Cloud Data Will Change DJing Forever

Joey Santos | Read time: < 1 min
Club/Festival DJing Friday Five Pro
Last updated 25 January, 2020


In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with a piece from DJ Mag on why easy access to music from streaming services and “big data” from the cloud are going to drive huge changes in DJing. We’ve also got pieces from DJ Techtools, Mixmag, and The Guardian. Have a great weekend ahead!

  1. How Streaming & Cloud Data Will Change DJing Forever – DJ Mag explores how the unending stream of data that we put out into the world via our online activities might impact our dancefloors in the near future Read more
  2. Is Dance Music Better Than Ever? – Think today’s music is total garbage? Wish new dance music sounded as good as the 70s / 80s / 90s? Mixmag’s irreverent Secret DJ serves you a hot take Read more
  3. What Kind Of DJ Are You? – Our friends over at DJ Techtools have a piece on how the “big five” personality traits might affect you as a DJ. Read on to find out what those traits are, and to see if this theory applies to you Read more
  4. How To Stay Sober At A DJ Gig – Dance music and partying go hand in hand, so it’s tough playing through a set without having a drink. The good news is that not only is it possible, but you can still have a good time too. Mixmag shares some tips from other DJs Read more
  5. Is Streaming Rendering Music Charts Obsolete? – Are “streaming farms” and other tricks to game the algorithm making top 40 charts a farce? The Guardian explores Read more


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