Friday Five: How The “Death” Of Disco Created House Music

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Last updated 19 July, 2019


In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with a video from Vox that investigates how house music rose from the ashes of disco. We’ve also got pieces from Resident Advisor, Pitchfork, and Flypaper. Have a great weekend ahead!

  1. How The Death Of Disco Created House Music – It all started when a disco-hating radio jock called on the public to burn disco records 40 years ago. Little did he know that striking down disco would only make it more powerful than he could possibly imagine. Vox has it Read more
  2. The Art Of DJing: Derrick Carter – He’s one of the most revered names in house music and one of the most influential to come out of Chicago, the birthplace of house. Learn about his mischievous approach to DJing in this piece from Resident Advisor Read more
  3. Should DJs Pay More For Music Than Listeners? – As music streaming edges ever closer to DJ booths and with MP3 downloads at death’s door, should the industry reevaluate the way it pays music producers? And should casual fans pay less for tunes than working DJs who earn fees? Pitchfork explores Read more
  4. Why You Need A “Practice Performance” Routine – Here’s why it’s worth setting aside time in your practice schedule to pretend that you’re actually playing in front of people. Flypaper has it Read more
  5. How Should DJs Respond To Climate Change? – Find out how globetrotting DJs are cutting down on their carbon footprint while on tour, and how the rest of us can chip in to make dance music sustainable (we’ve only got one planet!). Resident Advisor has it Read more

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