Friday Five: “Large Music Events May Not Return Until Fall 2021”

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Friday Five
Last updated 17 April, 2020


Looks like it’s time to get real, people: This is not looking like it’ll be going away this month, this year, or even for the next 12 months. That’s the lead story in our Friday Five roundup of DJ, club and music stories from around the internet…

  1. Large Music Events May Not Return Until Autumn 2021… – A scary prediction, especially when you realise it would also mean sporting events. Via DJ Mag / New York Times Read more
  2. Everyone’s Stuck At Home, So Why Are People Streaming Less Music? – It’s certainly curious, and it’s all to do with the amount of new music being released, as The Guardian finds out Read more
  3. Coronavirus Will Never Stop The Rave – Find out how people are finding new ways to party in this Mixmag article Read more
  4. Paris Hilton Builds Her Own DJ Set At Home – “It looked so cool on Amazon but now it just looks … so small.” Peter Kirn of CDM finds it hard to look away from this video… Watch it
  5. Dance Floor Epiphanies – Resident Advisor gets five people to spill the beans about “their first time”. For the record, your humble writer was also an attendee at Jive Turkey “back in the day”… (the first story) Read more

Stay strong, stay safe, keep watching and making those livestreams, and see you after the weekend folks…

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