Friday Five: Are You Making Any Of These Rookie Mistakes?

Joey Santos
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 11 September, 2017

In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with a piece from Mixmag on nine industry / career errors that new DJs make. We’ve also got articles from LANDR, E! Online, Magnetic Magazine, and TuneCore. Have a safe weekend, everyone!

  1. 9 Rookie Errors To Avoid – This feature by Mixmag talks about common errors newbies make. Lots of DJs were guilty of some of these when they first started (myself included), so may be worth reading up and avoiding them rather than having to go through them yourself. Otto von Bismarck said it best: “A fool learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others” Read more
  2. 4 DJs And Their Music Obsessions – Passion is common among top performers in any industry, but what really drives the most passionate individuals to push themselves further is an undying obsession with their craft. The LANDR blog chats with four DJs to find out what they do when they’re not behind the decks Read more
  3. The Legacy Of DJ AM – It’s been eight years since party DJ / open format pioneer DJ AM died. This feature by E! Online takes a look back at his influential career, putting together interview quotes by friends and personalities who were close to him during his brightest and darkest moments Read more
  4. How Not To Market Yourself As A DJ – It’s never been easier to do your own self-promoting, but there’s a fine line between effective promoting and just being annoying on social media. Find out what things to avoid in this piece from Magnetic Magazine Read more
  5. 6 Instagram Best Practices – It isn’t enough to just snap a random photo for your Instagram profile these days. Check out this list of tips by TuneCore to get you on the right track if you want to build your audience on the platform and drive engagement Read more

Feel free to comment on any of the articles in the section below.

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