Friday Five: “No, You Can’t Bring Your Phone To The Dancefloor!”

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 24 May, 2019


Imagine nobody Shazaming your tracks when you DJ, nobody filming you unannounced or unasked, nobody thrusting their phone in your face and asking you to play a track from it. That is now becoming a “thing”, as some clubs start to ban phones… Read about it below, along with other stories that caught our eye this week.

  • Festival Implements Phone Ban – “Live in the moment” is the cry – apparently 70% of British ravers hate phones in clubs and at festivals. And one Scottish festival is getting tough with mobile phone users on its dancefloor, reports DJ Mag Read more
  • Are bootlegs fun, or cheesy and disrespectful? – They’ve always existed in dance music, and people have varying feelings about them (on the downside, our forthcoming podcast guest Jay Cunning reckons they did for the breaks scene in the UK, for instance). Here’s Mixmag’s take on it all. Read more
  • Were you there? This club map lets you tell the world! – Here’s a gimmicky but fun interactive map of clubbing through places, decades and names and faces… it’s called Club Together, and you can explore it and also add your memories. It’s best seen and used, so take a peek! Go there
  • Is Spotify REALLY Expanding Our Musical Horizons? – Ever had the sneaking feeling that despite the 100 million or whatever tunes on your favourite streaming service, things may not be as varied as you think? The Spectator takes up the thread… Read more
  • Move Over “Human Traffic”… “Beats” Is The New 90s Rave Film On The Block – This new indie film explores the energy of the 90s rave scene in the UK, against the political backlash it triggered. The Guardian has it Read more

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