Friday Five: Oakenfold Plays Stonehenge – Did DJing Just Go Spinal Tap?

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Last updated 4 April, 2019


In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with a piece from The Guardian that takes us behind the scenes at Paul Oakenfold’s Stonehenge performance, which couldn’t help but remind us just slightly of the Stonehenge plot line from classic rock spoof Spinal Tap! We’ve also got articles from Flypaper, DJ Mag, Pitchfork and Forbes. Have a great weekend folks!

  1. Paul Oakenfold Just Threw A Rave For The Ages – Paul Oakenfold just became the first DJ ever to spin at the enigmatic stone circle in England. The Guardian leaves no stone unturned in this peek behind the curtain Read more
  2. How We Can All Learn From Skrillex’s “DJ Fails” – Power cuts, concussions and hecklers: Skrillex knows a thing or two about gig mishaps (Steve Aoki’s another one). Check out how he keeps his cool when it seems like things are going south in this piece from Flypaper Read more
  3. How Dance Music Conquered The World – A brand new three-part series tracing the origins and influence of dance music is set to air on BBC today. DJ Mag has it Read more
  4. Why Auto-Tune Revolutionised Pop – From T-Pain to Kanye West, auto-tuned vocals are pretty standard these days but it was controversial when it first came out in a dance track back in the 90s. Pitchfork investigates how vocals got from pitchy to glitchy in this piece Read more
  5. Vinyl Is Bigger Than We Think – We’ve all seen the “vinyl is back” headlines, but this article from Forbes suggests that the record market is actually worth more money than we think Read more

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