Friday Five: “Having A DJ Standing Behind A Set-Up Could Disappear”

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 24 March, 2018


Techno veteran and all-round deep thinker Jeff Mills has given an interview to Fabric nightclub in the UK, which is well worth a read if you’re interested in where electronic music as a whole might be heading. It’s one of our hand-picked Friday Five articles from around the web for you this week.

  1. “Having A Physical DJ Standing Behind A Set-Up Could Disappear” – In this forward-thinking and pretty deep interview, Jeff Mills talks about where he sees electronic music and technology in general going over the next few years, and what it could all mean Read more
  2. CDs And Vinyl More Popular Than Digital Downloads Once More …but all of them are mere blips against streaming, which is officially taking over the world. The Verge looks at the numbers Read more
  3. 10,000 Cylinder Recordings From 1800s On Archived Online – So if you know the story of how Moby made “Play” (and his fortune), it all centres around semi-lost decades old recordings that he uncovered and put to modern music. Which is why DJs will be scouring this collection for stuff to sample, from the UCSB. You can check them all out, too… Read more
  4. The Most Random Songs To Make The Billboard Hot 100 – This is a great list, basically a pile of tracks from oddities to groundbreakers that can’t be neatly pigeonholed, and thus should be of particular interest to DJs – many of these are must-haves. Complex has it Read more
  5. Technics Puts Together Turntable Orchestra – All kinds of weird. The company that’s abandoned DJs flies loads of them in to Japan to take part in an “orchestra” where they all play a note each… from vinyl, on (their own) turntables. Worth a watch. Via DJ Mag Read more

Let us know your thoughts on any of these below, and enjoy!

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