Friday Five: The DJ Who Played On A Wind Turbine…

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Friday Five
Last updated 31 May, 2019


In this week’s Friday Five – our summary of articles we’ve been absorbed in on DJing and dance music culture from around the web – we’ve got a DJ spinning on a wind turbine, a “tomorrow’s world” look ahead at music in 20 years’ time, and much more (well, three more to be precise – clue’s in the name…). Enjoy…

  1. DJ Performs On Top Of Wind Turbine – So we’ve included this one as much as anything to give us an excuse to publish the awesome photo, as featured in DJ Mag – Alex Parker playing on top of a 100-metre high turbine in Europe’s largest land-based wind park Read more
  2. What Will Music Be Like In 20 Years? – In this pretty fascinating article from BBC Culture, a sometimes scary look ahead to a future that could include algoraves, Fortnite concerts and songs catered to smart speakers… Read more
  3. Over 900 Wedding Songs For All Occasions – DJing a wedding for the first time? Roped in to doing it for a friend? A bit out of your depth? Look, don’t spoil someone’s big day, please, but if you reckon you’ve got it covered bar a few tunes, check out this list… Read more
  4. Needle Skips To Network Dips – DJing Is All About “What Ifs” –  A typically intelligent and thought-provoking article from DJ Worx about the attitude of DJs to technology, particularly streaming, and how DJing has always had an element of danger Read more
  5. Armin Van Buuren On The Dark Side Of Success – Revealing and excellent interview with the trance god himself, five-times winner of the DJ Mag Top 100 – fittingly, the interview is from DJ Mag Read more

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these articles in the comments below…

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