Friday Five: The Formula For DJing Into Middle Age

Joey Santos
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Last updated 13 April, 2018

In this week’s Friday Five, we’re leading with an inspiring piece from The Guardian that features DJs in their 40s and 50s who are taking the “rave to the grave” mentality seriously. We’ve also got articles from DJ Mag, The BBC, Billboard, and The New York Times. Have a great weekend!

  1. The Formula For DJing Into Middle Age – You’re never too old for DJing and dance music. These DJs share their secrets for going to clubs and spinning when you’re well past your “YOLO years” and how to keep going strong. The Guardian has it Go to article
  2. A Sneaky Way To Flick Through Top DJs’ Record Collections – Billboard gathered Spotify playlists from today’s best DJs so you can check out what they’re vibing to Go to article
  3. Why Disco Should Be Taken Seriously – Behind all the glitz, glamour and glitter pervasive during the disco era is a more important social and political foundation that today’s gender and racial politics and freedoms are built on. The BBC has it Go to article
  4. Stop Calling All Dance Music EDM – Just like rock music has tons of sub-genres, dance has hundreds of styles that branch out of the electronic music umbrella, all of which don’t necessarily fall under “EDM”. DJ Mag has it Go to article
  5. Does Having A Day Job Mean Making Better Music? – Think being a full-time DJ/producer is the key to success in this industry? That’s not always the case, and you’ll be surprised to know that having a job could help you make better art. The New York Times has it Go to article

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