Friday Five: The Strange Intimacy Of A Socially Isolated DJ Set

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 24 April, 2020


In this week’s roundup of five articles, videos or other content we’ve discovered online this past seven days, our headline piece is very much about the here and now, exploring the dynamics of DJs livestreaming as a replacement for “real” gigs.

  1. The Strange Intimacy Of A Socially Isolated DJ Set – A huge number of DJs are hitting”Go Live” and streaming to their audiences from lockdown. One DJ explores what it all means. Via Vanity Fair Read more
  2. The Art Of DJing: Fabio – Resident Advisor catches up with one of the stalwarts of the London scene since the 1980s, and a DJ whom anyone who came through the 90s dance explosion on the UK will know. Some amazing advice on technology and mixing here Read more
  3. How FL Studio Changed Music Forever – Technology has as big a part to play as any individual creator when it comes to artistic output, and FL Studio – the production app formerly known as Fruity Loops – has had a disproportionate influence on the dance music scene, as DJ Mag reports Read more
  4. 20 Of The Best House Music Samples – Your fave house tune probably wouldn’t be here without a banging sample, reports Mixmag, as it lists 20 monster lifts Read more
  5. Got Music On Spotify? Now There’s A Tip Jar – If you make your own music, you’ll want to add Spotify’s new feature (a digital tip jar) – but surely Spotify should be paying artists better in the first place? Music Business Worldwide reports Read more

That’s your roundup for this week – see you after the weeknd.

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