Friday Roundup: 10 Things Never To Say To A DJ

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Last updated 29 January, 2016


Here are ten things none of us ever want anyone to say to us. Which do you think is the worst? Tell us in the comments…

We’re safely back from NAMM 2016 (well actually, Joey’s gone to New York to experience snow for the first time in decades), and for your Friday entertainment, I thought I’d bring you some stuff that we’ve thought cool over the past week or so:

  1. 10 Things Never To Say To A DJ – From Clickhole, these made us smile. Very tongue in cheek rather than the usual list of things poeple REALLY say to DJs… Read more
  2. Haribo Launches Disco-Themed Sweets – Over in Germany, the candy manufacturer has turned its attention to, ahem, disco biscuits. Mixmag has it… Read more
  3. Top Studio Headphones 2016 – Working on that first production? Dubspot recommends some headphones to monitor your work on Read more
  4. Akai Pro Launches Two Turntables – Turntables really are the rage, aren’t they? Bizarrely, now a production company has got a couple coming out… Audiofanzine has it Read more
  5. SoundCloud Adds Charts – The beleaguered streaming service adds a smart feature to aid you in discovering great music there, reports Hypebot Read more
  6. You Won’t Believe 2ManyDJs’ Record Collection – Now, vinyl lovers of the world, see if this makes you salivate, as spotted on Facebook … See it

Enjoy, have a great weekend, and see you on the other side!

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