Friday Roundup: “You’re A DJ? Get A Real Job!”

Joey Santos
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Last updated 4 August, 2017

Friday Roundup
Anyone ever tell you to stop DJing and go get a “real” job instead? Yeah, we hate that as much as you do. Here’s how to respond appropriately.

Anyone who’s decided to make a go of DJing full-time will have faced the “go get a job” argument against pursuing your passion for music (total pet peeve of mine). We’ve got a post today about how to deal with them, along with lots of other news items for your weekend reading. All that and more in our weekly muster of DJ news from around the web. Stay safe, folks!

  1. “Why Don’t You Get a Real Job?” – We’ve all met someone at one point or another in our DJing who’s said something similar. Understand what they really mean, and gain the mindset needed to keep pushing your passion. DIY Musician has it Read more
  2. Mixx 2.0 Free DJ App Released – The latest update to one of the few freeware DJ apps has been released, and DJ Techtools had a hands-on Read more
  3. Take Note Is A Conference For New DJ/Producers – DJ Mag attended a day-long event for up and coming DJs and producers looking to make their mark in the industry but don’t know where to begin just yet Read more
  4. V-Moda ZN In-Ear Monitor Reviewed – Magnetic Magazine took the new V-Moda ZN in-ears to task. Find out if it’s something that should be in your DJ bag Read more
  5. How To Sort Your Library In Serato DJ – Here are some music library browsing and sorting tips from the folk over at Serato. The Serato Blog has it Read more
  6. Why You Shouldn’t Announce Your DJ Set Time – Partygoers hitting the club just about when the headliner’s turning up (and promptly leaving right after) is starting to become more common. Thump explores how we can help fight that mentality Read more

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