Friday Roundup: A Drum & Bass Primer From Fabio & Grooverider

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 3 February, 2017

Kings of drum & bass Fabio & Grooverider share a 25 years of drum & bass mix in today’s Friday Roundup.

In one of our occasional nods to a musical genre or style that changed the world, this week we’re sharing Fabio & Grooverider’s recent 25 Years of Drum & Bass mix… Happy weekend, and enjoy the rest of the roundup too 🙂

  1. A Drum & Bass Primer From Fabio & Grooverider – These dudes were there from the start, and here you can hear them throw down a special “25 years of drum & bass” mix. Via Thump Read more
  2. More NAMM Coverage For DJ/Producers – Magnetic Mag give you a second look at NAMM, coming more from a producer angle than we did in ours… Read more
  3. DJ Fong Fong’s SliderKut Scratching Tool Heads To Kickstarter – Awesome fun for scratch DJS who want to throw some moves away from decks/jogwheels… DJ TechTools reports Read more
  4. 12 year old DJ Rena’s djay Pro and Beatpad 2 set – Everyone loves a child DJ, right? Here’s a great example of someone showing promise at a truly tender age. Love it. Via DJWorx Read more
  5. 6 Simple Strategies To Collect More Email Addresses At Shows – This is a secret strategy of all practically all successful DJs. Do it if you don’t already, say Hypebot Read more
  6. Five Websites that Offer Professional Quality Sample Libraries – Get some sounds for your latest production. Courtesy of Dubspot Read more
  7. Getting Creative With Feedback Loops – DJ City’s Mojaxx shows you how to use a technique that DJs in the know have been throwing down for years. Watch video

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