Friday Roundup: How Much Do DJs Really Earn?

Joey Santos | Read time: 2 mins
Friday roundup
Last updated 5 August, 2017


Somewhere between the “freejays” and the superstars, the majority of working DJs are taking home at least some money each week. But how much? Mixmag investigates…

We all see the Top 100 DJs and the Forbes earning lists of DJ superstars, and at the same time we hear DJs complaining that they have to play for free… but in the real world where most “career” DJs operate, somewhere between the two extremes, what kind of money can a DJ expect to take home? The article we lead with in this week’s Friday Roundup has some answers…

  1. How Much Do DJs Really Earn? – Mixmag explores just how much DJs of various degrees of popularity rake in Read more
  2. The Art Of DJing – A veteran DJ speaks of the spirituality behind DJing that goes way beyond what tech you use Read more
  3. Dance Music Legends Call Out Ultra Headliners – Hear what veterans think is essentially wrong with the main acts in this past weekend’s Ultra Music Festival. Your EDM has the piece Read more
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  5. Rane MP2015 Rotary Mixer Reviewed – DJ Worx has taken Rane’s brand new mixer to task. Here’s their full review Read more
  6. Stop Worshipping Wax – Sure, there’s a vinyl renaissance happening, but that doesn’t mean it’s right to look down on DJs who can’t spin with it. Mixmag has the story Read more
  7. Serato Club Kit Tutorial Explained – The Serato Blog shows you how Serato DJ’s Club Kit add-on can make connecting your laptop to a DVS easier than ever Read more
  8. Tips For Using FX On Pioneer DJM Mixers – Mojaxx from DJ City gives us some quick DJM effects tips that you can use at your next club gig Read more
  9. Sound Systems For DJs – DJ Techtools gives a primer on active and passive speakers for your mobile rig Read more
  10. Being The Girlfriend Of A DJ Is Not Cool – THUMP’s tales from the other end of the DJ’s booth… Read more

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