Friday Roundup: How To Successfully Combine A Day Job & A DJ Career

Joey Santos
Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 6 November, 2017

Friday Roundup
Juggling your desk job and your job behind the decks can be a challenge, to say the least. Learn how to keep that delicate balance so you can keep the party going without going broke in this week’s Friday Roundup.

In this week’s Friday Roundup, learn how to keep the cash flowing while chasing your DJ dreams, get sound advice no matter what stage you’re in regarding your DJ career, and read about a punter who takes having fun a bit too far! Oh, and did I tell you that Paris Hilton actually does do something when she’s DJing other than take pictures of the crowd on her iPhone and fire foam cannons? We’ve found proof! All this and more in our weekly muster of the best of the DJ web. Have a great weekend ahead!

  1. Pay The Bills And Build Your DJ Career – Being a DJ doesn’t mean you have to quit your day job. In fact, the best way to keep at it without going broke is to do both. Hypebot shows you how Read more
  2. A Crash Course In Techno – Learn the origins of techno as DJ Mag traces its history to the Belleville Three. Who are they? Read more
  3. The Life Cycle Of A Career DJ – Whether you’re an industry veteran or you’re just starting out, pick up some awesome career advice from our friends at DJ Techtools Read more
  4. Is Sound Quality In Music Declining? – A documentary about the decline of sound quality in today’s music made rounds on social media recently. The topic’s quite debatable, especially since the film’s creator is Harman, an audio gear company. See (and hear) it for yourself Watch it 
  5. What Paris Hilton Really Does When She DJs – The proof is in the pudding; watch her entire DJ set filmed by an attendee. YourEDM has the scoop Watch it
  6. Man Fakes His Own Death To Keep Partying – How far would you go to keep rolling ’til the wee hours? Hopefully, it won’t involve a search party! Check out the story on Sky News Read more

If you moonlight as a DJ, how about sharing some tips with our readers as to how you balance both work and DJing? Do you agree that sound quality in modern music is going downhill? If you want to discuss any of the articles this week, do so in the comments section below.

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