Friday Roundup: Does Vinyl Really Sound Better?

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Friday roundup
Last updated 10 February, 2017


In this week’s Friday Roundup, we’ve got a story about whether vinyl really does sound better, as we trawl the web for interesting stuff so you don’t have to.

Those of us of a certain age fondly recall the reassuring thud of a needle settling into a groove, and the ensuing warm, fuzzy sound of music from vinyl. But is it actually better than digital? Get an engineer’s perspective in the first of our Friday Roundup stories this week…

  1. Does Vinyl Really Sound Better? An Engineer Explains – If you don’t know where you stand on this hoary old debate, here is how it really is. Via Decoded Read more
  2. What Are The Essential DJ Controller Features? – Interested in what other people feel are the essential things a controller needs to have? DJWorx debates… Read more
  3. Make Your Own Mashups – Check out this natty site, where you can choose a lyric and a piece of music and create your own mashups on the spot… Read more
  4. Britain’s Oldest DJ: Still Spinning At 80 – Stop whining that you’re too old, and check out this fella, as featured in the Daily Express Read more
  5. 10 Things You Can Do To Make Dance Music Less Sexist – Mixmag points out how to make our culture fairer Read more
  6. Is Boiler Room Actually Boring? – Lighthearted look at why this (actually rather good, in our opinion) phenomenon may have its downsides… from Crossfadr Read more
  7. Technics Announces Another Expensive Turntable – Still want to pay through the nose for Technics? The new SL-1210GR has you covered. From Thump Read more

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