Friday Roundup: Every Musical Genre In The World Mapped!

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 4 September, 2015


Warning: This is a rabbithole. You can drill down by genres and listen to endless audio, too. Got a few hours to spare?

As I write this, every member of our team is flying to Digital DJ Tips HQ for our annual company summit, starting with a weekend at the Gibraltar Music Festival, followed next week by the BPM Show… but if you can’t join us (boo!), then we’ve gathered lots of music, videos and articles to stop you feeling lonely…

  1. Every Musical Genre In The World Mapped – Warning: Be prepared to go down a rabbit hole that you may take hours to come out of! Read more
  2. The Story Of The UK’s Biggest Rave Anthems – Awesome slice of nostalgia for those who were there, great bit of education for those who weren’t. From The Guardian… Read more
  3. Ibiza DJs Pick The 10 Biggest Tracks Of The Summer – Looking for some cool new dance sounds for your sets away from the White Isle this autumn? Start here… Read more
  4. Video Club Scene Mashup: Must see! – If you love movies, and you love clubs, you’ll love this video mashup, found over on YouTube… Watch it
  5. How To Upload DJ Mixes To Mixcloud – with SoundCloud getting more dangerous for DJs by the day, DJ TechTools advises on how to best use Mixcloud Read more
  6. The Return Of the REAL Mixtape? – …but then again, it seems there’s a bit of an audio cassette revival going on, too! Bloomberg has it Read more

See you next week, and whatever you’re up to this weekend, have fun!

Want to comment on these or any other stories this week in the world of DJing? Feel free to share in the comments!

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