Friday Roundup: Grandmaster Flash: “Technology Is A Gift & A Curse”

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 7 April, 2017

When it comes to performing the “old” way, Grandmaster Flash is legendary – so his advice on the attraction and pitfalls of technology is worth hearing.

We all know technology helps us do stuff with our DJing and production that we couldn’t do otherwise – just make sure you’re aware of the risks, says Grandmaster Flash. This and other stories from around the web in our regular Friday Roundup. Have a great weekend!

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  4. Moby & Others Discuss Life As Sober DJs – Weird how this even needs discussing? I mean, do we hear people “discussing life as crack-free DJs?” Just sayin’. Vice has it Read more
  5. How To Turn Your MacBook Pro Touch Bar Into A Midi Controller – Create Digital Music shows a free way to get more use out of the MacBook Pro feature Read more
  6. CDJ Tips For DJs – Resident Advisor’s latest Exchange podcast hones in on ways to get more out of the ubiquitous club kit Listen here
  7. Streaming Generates More Revenue Than Physical Sales & Downloads Combined – As if we needed any more proof that streaming is the future of music. Via Hypebot Read more

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