Friday Roundup: One Last Look At 2015…

Joey Santos
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Last updated 4 August, 2017


Friday Roundup
In the first Friday Roundup of 2016, we take one final look back at the year that was and cast an eye on what’s in store for DJing in the coming months, among other pieces curated for your weekend reading.

It’s the start of a brand new year, and in this week’s Friday Roundup we take a look back at how 2015 shaped the course of digital DJing, as well as the twists and turns that dance music took. We’ve also got pieces on the most memorable DJ Twitter rants this year (too many to mention, but they’ve been whittled down to 10), how to survive your New Year’s Eve party hangover, and even a glimpse of what’s to come this 2016. All that and more in our weekly muster of DJ news from around the web. Happy new year, everyone!

  1. DJ Mag’s Look Back At 2015 – From its controversial Top 100 DJs to Ten Walls’ tragic fall from grace, here are the year’s most crucial dance music events from the glossy’s pages Read more
  2. The Mixmag 2015 Awards – Dance music pundit Mixmag dishes out the year’s highlights and low points in its second annual awards Read more
  3. DJ Worx: 2015 Analysis, 2016 Predictions – The DJ Worx staff rounded out what they thought were the best DJing moments from last year, and shares what they think 2016 will bring Read more
  4. Dubspot’s Music Production Roundup – Check out all of Dubspot’s best music production tutorials and talkthrough videos from the last 365 days in one handy post Read more
  5. A Hungover DJ’s Guide To Recovering From Intense Gigs – Our friends from DJ Techtools have some suggestions on how to deal with the single-day bender that is New Year’s Eve Read more
  6. DJ Trayze’s DJ/Drums Set-up – Take a look at this decks, drums, and percussion performance by DJ Trayze over at the Serato Blog Read more
  7. Review: Blue Lola Headphones – Magnetic Magazine takes the new Blue Lola headphones for a spin in this review Read more
  8. The 10 Most Unforgettable DJ Complaints of 2015 – DJs can be a short-tempered bunch; have a look at the year’s best “DJs complaining” tweets from Thump Read more
  9. The Dance Music Class of 2015 Yearbook Awards – Finally, we’ve got to include Thump’s very own take on the year that was Read more

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