Friday Roundup: What A Pioneer All-In-One Controller Might Look Like

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 7 November, 2017


No it doesn’t exist, nor will it likely ever (so don’t ask the price)… but with all-in-one controllers the talk of the week, one reader took the Numark teaser and imagined what a Pioneer take might look like. 🙂

First it was four-deck controllers, then sample pads, then iOS controllers, now all-in-one (ie with a computer built in) controllers are heavily rumoured to be this year’s “big thing”. This week we reported on the Numark all-in-one concept which promptly got one graphic design-skilled reader to imagine a Pioneer take (see first story below). It’s not just gear, gear, gear though; we’ve got an important chart for you too, namely the best beards in dance music. Read on, dear readers, and enjoy…

  1. What A Pioneer All-In-One DJ Controller Might Look Like – Some of you may have seen our news about Numark’s all-in-one. One crafty reader imagined a Pioneer version, which went viral over on our own Facebook Page… Read more
  2. Solar Powered DJ Console For Smartphones – The Verge reports on a Dutch-made prototype DJ controller for impromptu smartphone sets in the park…Read more
  3. The 10 Best Beards In Dance Music – One of the most important Top 10s you’re likely to read this year on Beatport! 😉 Todd Terje does it for us Read more
  4. DJTechTools outs latest controller – Midi Fighter fans now have a new model, the Twister, available on pre-order Read more
  5. Spotify: Most Streamed Tracks US, UK, Global – Hypebot has the charts of what “the people” are listening to around the world Read more
  6. Is This The Ultimate Traktor Set-up? – Discovered online while searching for something else, here’s a photo that will have Native Instruments fans drooling… Read more

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