Friday Roundup: How To Prepare For Problems Performing With A Laptop

Phil Morse | Founder & Tutor
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Last updated 7 November, 2017

Live music
DJing of performing using laptops has its own set of problems and challenges. We’ve got a great article for you his week on coping with them.

Most of us here at Digital DJ Tips are having a bit of an Easter Break this weekend… which means we’re working slightly less hard than normal! If you’re relaxing too, cut straight to the puppy video at the end of this week’s list… but if you want some learning, we’ve got three absorbing technical articles from around the DJing and music web for you as well. All the best…

  1. How To Prepare For Problems When Performing Live Music Through A Computer – Great article and infographic from The Inventory, which has loads of gems in for laptop DJs too Read more
  2. Broadcast Your DJ Set – An Introduction To Mixlr – Our friends over at Traktor Tips show you a great way to DJ to a crowd from your bedroom Read more
  3. Does 24-Bit Audio Matter? – Glad it’s BeaTunes and not us lighting the touchpaper under this one, really interesting article and test though Read more
  4. The Bulldog Who Can Scratch – Meet a little puppy with a big talent in this amusing youTube video… Watch video

Please let us know your thoughts on any of the articles covered in this week’s Friday Roundup in the comments below – and happy Easter.

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