Friday Roundup: The Most Expensive Dance Records Ever

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Friday roundup
Last updated 10 March, 2017


What’s the most expensive piece of dance vinyl that ever changed hands? Well, we know the most expensive that Discogs ever sold…

In this week’s Friday Roundup of the best of the music web: The most expensive vinyl ever sold (on Discogs, anyway), news of this year’s BURN Residency, and the AirBnB rental that turned into a rave! Have a great weekend, wherever you are and whatever you’re up to…

  1. The Most Expensive Dance Records Ever Sold …on dance music specialist site Discogs, anyway. Thump has the story Read more
  2. Study Shows Why We’re Totally Addicted To Bass – Did you need a reason? Yes? Then check out this DJ Mag article that has the answer Read more
  3. Multi-Channel Silent Discos: The Echo Chambers Of Clubbing – And you thought silent discos were just a laugh. Think on… Magnetic Mag gets serious on us Read more
  4. Is It Ever Acceptable To Remix A Classic? – Well of course the answer is “yes”, but Mixmag dives a bit deeper than that in this long read Read more
  5. Airbnb Renters Turned A Flat Into A Nightclub With Tickets And A Bouncer – I suppose you can marvel at the sheer audacity of it! Fact has the story Read more
  6. Win a €100,000 Prize In The Burn Residency 2017 – Mixcloud announces the competition for 2017, with an amazing chance to win a huge investment in your DJ career Read more

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