Friday Roundup: The Top Ten Basslines Of All Time

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
Last updated 8 November, 2017


What’s your favourite bassline? Listen to the top 10 in our first link today, then let us know in the comments!

Welcome to 2014! We’re full speed ahead now to bring you all the new DJ gear from CES and NAMM, so keep an eye on the site as early news drops, and then follow our team as we make our annual pilgrimage stateside to bring you all the words, pictures and video you need later this month.

Meanwhile though, we’ve some basslines to attend to. Click through to those on the first story below, turn the volume up, and party (in your head) like its NYE all over again. Don’t forget to tell us YOUR favourite bassline of all time in the comments…

  1. The Top Ten Basslines Of All time – Point Blank has some fun compiling this list, and personally I’m glad to see Ripgroove in there… turn it up! Read more
  2. 107 113 DJs and EDM Artists Look Back On 2013 – 2013, as Big Shot Magazine points out in this piece, is gone – and here are 107 113 artists giving their take. If you’re older than 30, why not depress yourself by playing “how many have I actually heard of?” Read more
  3. Are Clueless Labels Ruining Mix Platforms Like SoundCloud? – More over-zealous copyright flagging problems plaguing SoundCloud, the network that has so much promise, but is often too much of a pain to be of real use to DJs. As reported by Hypebot Read more
  4. Haters Gonna Hate: How To Deal With Social Trolls – If you’re posting mixes and doing the social media promo thing for your DJing, you’re gonna get ’em – we also have to deal with them, and here’s how to. Via the JustGo blog Read more
  5. New Year’s Honours: Pete Tong awarded MBE by Queen – I guess New Year’s Honours are a peculiarly British thing, but Pete Tong’s MBE was unexpected and well received by the veteran, influential dance music DJ – via Music Week Read more

Want to comment on any of the stories covered here? What’s your favourite bassline of all time? Tell us below…

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